Linkmeyer Law - We Specialize in Business Divorce
Linkmeyer Law - We Specialize in Business Divorce

The business divorce lawyers...

It's your business.

You built it with your blood, sweat, and a few tears. You sacrificed. You put in the time. Now your business faces fundamental change and you need to protect the results of your work.

We are Business Divorce lawyers. Contact us to speak with an attorney who devotes his practice to the closely-held business in transition and turmoil. We have decades of experience guiding the principal owners of closely held businesses in transition. We understand your investment, and we protect it.

This isn’t just a business. It’s your life. Just being a good trial lawyer isn’t enough to protect it. You need someone with the right experience, the right temperament and the right tools--that's us.

Gene M. Linkmeyer

Gene has over 25 years experience in the law. He now focuses only on business divorce and commercial litigation. He has co-authored or edited several books on business divorce, as well as arbitration issues, and serves as an arbitrator in a variety of contract and employment disputes.

We look forward to serving you

Our attention to service and results makes us an invaluable partner.  We plan to exceed your expectations with personalized senior attorney attention at competitive boutique firm rates. We pride ourselves in connecting our clients with other professional advisors as well as potential investors. We are sensitive to the specialized needs of start up and development state companies including keeping legal and professional costs under control with lean but seasoned staffing.


Contact us by email to learn more about our business and services.  We look forward to working with you.


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